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Von Jörg Angeli am 27.Feb. 2003

Parker White comes from the East Cost (USA) and is a freeski allround talent. He shreds everywhere with lots of style no matter if urban, park, backcountry or big mountain. After his first big movie segment he got awarded with the "rookie of the year" title and this year he added the "best male performance" award. White recently visited europe for the Red Bull linecatcher contest in which he got 2nd. We asked him some questions about contests, the olympics, his sesaon plans and some other interesting stuff. Check it out. How are you, where are you and what are you currently doing?

Parker: I am doing well.  I am currently sitting in a bar answering these questions 'cause we don't have internet in the spot we are staying. You were in Europe recently. How was your stay?

Parker: Still here still good ha.  Staying in Les Arcs with Freedle Coty, Dahrkness, and LSM.  I have eaten more bread and cheese than any normal human being should physically be able to digest.   Big shout out and thanks to Raf and the Chez Bou Bou. The Red Bull Linecatcher contest went really well for you and you finished 2nd. Congratu-lations on that! Were you a little bit surprised from yourself that you could bring down such a good run in this competition?

Parker: Right on thank you.  From what I could tell I don't think anyone cared if they got 1st or last, including myself.  That was one of the most rad powder days I have had all year.  Such good vibes too, each person would drop in and every other rider was screaming, hollering, cheering them on.  If you ask me that wasn't a contest at all.  Also Dash, if you are reading this, sorry about the Bomb. You don't participate in „normal“ Slopestyle Contests. What do you like about the format at the Red Bull Linecatcher?

Parker: I do contest pretty randomly.  But I did really wanted do Linecatcher.  I am an east coast park kid who moved out west.  Now I ski as much pow as I can.  Linecatcher fits that pret-ty well.   I'm not trying to go chuck my meat in bad weather at Breck.  No thanks dude. You are one of the best Allround Freeskiers in the business. Do you have to schedule your time for urban, backcountry, park etc. so that you can progress in every of these sectors or do you just go out and shred what's the best with the current conditions?

Parker: Well thank you for that introduction.  I used to think a lot more about urban just so I could round out good segments, honestly dude, the more I ski backcountry and pow the less I really wanna do anything else.  Right now my mind is a lot more on where is the snow? What was your first reaction when you heard that freeskiing will be part of the Olympics in 2014?

Parker: My First Reaction was "Fucking Great" (Full Sarcasm Intended).  The more I think about it though the more I don't really care.  It doesn't affect me at all.  i am not ever going to be an Olympian.  I am actually kind of proud of that.  I am just hoping for the "spill over af-fect" that money from the Olympics will spill over into the ski industry in general.  More cash and opportunity for film skiers.  Also I got homies who are going to be Olympians, and you know what, good for them.  I hope they never have to work again.  Now if you wanna talk about the definite popular mindset towards slopestyle and halfpipe skiing in a couple years, well that is a whole different conversation. Which affects will this have on freeskiing? How will it change after the Olympics respec-tively did it already change something?

Parker: Yeah It changed interviews.  Every time I do one I get asked a goddamn question about it.  That didn't used to happen. Have you ever thought about participating in a FIS slopestyle contests to get a slot for the Olympics?

Parker: No.  I have though, considered running blindly into traffic. You had a really nice film segment in this year’s movie from Level 1.  In which movies can we expect you next season?

Parker: Thanks man.  I am doing this ESPN "Real Ski" contest so I will be dropping an edit for that.  Otherwise still filming with Level 1, a little Purple City Project here and there, and I always like to try and film with Stept if I am ever chillen with those dudes. Do you have a plan on how to get even better shots for the next movie than this year? It will be really hard to beat your own shots from this season.

Parker: I've been using wool instead of cotton, for socks and under-layers.  I've been noticing a considerable difference. What plans do you have for the rest of this season?

Parker: Maybe cruising up to Alaska.  I really hope so man.  That is a place I really want to go.  Probably a few random contest too.  I am doing Monster Enemy Lines which is a 26 per-son Chinese Downhill down a 3,500 ft. face in Fernie.  Pretty excited for that. How do you keep yourself motivated for skiing all year?

Parker: I would have to attribute that to beer and a childlike sense of wonder. What do you like more: Spring skiing in the park with sun and really warm temperatures or an ice-cold day with lots of fresh new powder?

Parker: I mean Apples and Frying Pans.  Know what I mean?  I would probably have to go with Powder.  But I am not trying to Knock good spring skiing. What's your favorite Ski and why?

Parker: Rossignol Slat. You can just ski it wherever. It works you know? What's your favorite snowpark and why?

Parker: Mammoth.  It's warm. That is where my Homies are. Will we see you in Europe soon again?

Parker: I hope so.  But I honestly have no Idea.  My Team Manager, Jason Newell, while trying to explain why I missed my flight home after Linecatcher, told the airlines I was seriously injured and hospitalized.  He said it was a real pain in the ass, and to walk with a limp when I get to the airport.  If that doesn't work I might just get citizenship.  If that happens, Chez Bou Bou is going to have record sales. Thanks a lot for your time! Any last words or shoutouts?

Parker: No problem thank you.  Shout out to my family.  Vesa, Puma, Xan, Lucy, Finn, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Danny Pa.  Also George Deets, Alex Cohn.  I love you.  Word.  -Parker

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