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Thema: Down Skis -thread, all info on Down Skis.

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    Standard AW: Down Skis -thread, all info on Down Skis.

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    Standard AW: Down Skis -thread, all info on Down Skis.

    edit: ah sorry, wurde ja eh schon gepostet

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    Wie siehts aus für 2020/2021? Kommt da noch was? Oder ist Down tot?
    Eine Anfrage an Down selbst blieb bis jetzt unbeantwortet. Eventuell weiss hier jemand Bescheid.
    Von Facebook:
    Down?? Yes we are alive!!!!!

    After a very challenging last winter for all of us it has been decided DOWN will not launch a full lineup this season.

    The pandemic has hit DOWN financially hard like many others in the ski industry. From small ski shops to local ski areas to guides to...the list is long....2020 is one to forget (from a business perspective). So after 10 plus years working night and day to keep this small independent ski company alive it is time for a pause to focus on family, health, and hopefully a lot more skiing! We will also use this extra time to revitalize, refocus, and rethink DOWN and ensure we are continuing to deliver on our mission.

    I know this will come as a disappointment to our very loyal DOWN supporters but after a TON of thought it is the right thing to do this winter.

    So are you going out of business? No!!! We are actually working on some limited edition releases for this winter...but at our pace not the normal industry cycle Please stay tuned here and sign up for our newsletter.

    Where have you been? Sorry. Our response time to emails and social has been a little off over the past weeks as this difficult decision weighed hard but we are back so give us a few days to get up to speed.

    How can you help? We will be relaunching our soft goods site soon so buy a few Ts...or buy skis? We have a few left overs from last year at great deals. Grab them fast or tell a friend!! If you don’t see what you want drop us a mail and we will see what we can do

    So this is not a goodbye but we really want to thank all the people that have and continue to support DOWN. Much love and here’s to a great winter!!!! #getdown #thankyouforthesupport #winter2021
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    Standard AW: Down Skis -thread, all info on Down Skis.

    würde mich auch interessieren...
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    Standard AW: Down Skis -thread, all info on Down Skis.

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    würde mich auch interessieren...
    Auf meine Email hat auch keiner geantwortet.
    schreib Zorro ne PN, der kann dir sicher helfen. Alternativ hilft auch erst lesen, dann posten und dann crack rauchen.
    It's a war of the mind and we're armed to the teeth.

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